5 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Matters


 If you run a company in the UAE and don’t have various social media platforms, the chances are you are missing out on many potential clients. But, of course, it goes without saying that social media has become the most influential virtual space for social networking and a great way of advertising your brand, services, and your products.

With nearly 59% of the world’s population using the internet, marketers must not pass up the opportunity to advertise on these digital forums where they can reach the most significant number of potential customers compared to print or television media marketing. Here are 5 reasons that should tell you to pay more attention to your social media marketing strategy:

 1- It helps you tell your story.

Having a company profile on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram is an effective way to engage with your target audience and develop a close connection with them. It allows you to tell your story genuinely and share your experience with your followers. This will increase exposure and help in audience understanding and then re-targeting.

 2- Keeping in touch with your community.

Business owners truly need to closely monitor social media networks and build a unique image of their brand that will be the first idea buyers think of when considering a particular service. So, it is crucial that you connect with your target market through these social media platforms to make a lasting impression on them that will keep your company in their minds whenever they search for or consider purchasing a similar service. This relationship between you and potential clients is necessary to turn them from watchers into buyers.

 3- Social Media Marketing Ads are like peanuts.

One of the most affordable methods of promoting your company can be on social media. With so many different advertising options offered on these social media platforms, you may take advantage of this chance and sell your services at cheap rates. However, the finest aspect of social media marketing is that you can promote your company without actually using ads.

One way to do it is by being persistent in producing relevant content. You need to publish engaging content for your audience to improve your visibility and use the most popular keywords in your SEO in your social media plan. Google started recognizing social media posts and thus indexing them in its search results.

 4- Create Custom Audiences.

Getting information on your client’s behavior is one of the aspects that social media marketing has made simple for marketers. Businesses can use the various tools available on social media to see how many users interacted with the content you shared, how many people saw, clicked, and responded to any calls to action, and how many people made any purchases. Data is gold. With the help of statistics like these, you can create customized audience segments that allow you to target clients who are genuinely interested in your services products but quickly abandon their shopping carts. So now you can keep re-targeting them.

 5- Building personnelized relationships.

Connecting with your audience and turning them into clients is one significant goal businesses should aim for on social media. This is why companies need to establish some sort of personal relationship with all of their followers through these social media channels, where they establish dialogues, respond to questions, and support them in any way they can. Effective virtual communication can give incredible results and build genuine rapport with followers.


In a nutshell, social media is powerful. Operating a business in the internet age can be quite advantageous if companies, entrepreneurs, marketers, or even bloggers take full use of this chance. The secret lies in producing persuasive and alluring content that will quickly connect with your audience and developing a high social media presence that will create a unique brand. By doing so, the client is impressed by what they see before they read the posts. 

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