5 key areas to enhance your brand on social media


Building a brand online is a massive undertaking for small and big businesses. This is why small businesses need to focus their resources and efforts on a particular area: Social media. Building an image on social media can be so effective that it leaves lasting social and personal connections with your audience. Here are five approaches to achieving a polished image for your branding on social media.

1. Your mission

 Visual elements in whatever you post, such as brand colors, color palette, typography, profile picture, cover image, etc., play a crucial role in how your followers perceive and connect with your brand on social media.

 Therefore, bringing your digital marketing strategy into line with brand design is a crucial stage you must pay attention to. It is a priority; remember that our brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than standard text. So as the saying goes, “an image is worth a thousand words.” This is how you can further build your brand awareness for a lasting impact on a targeted audience.

 2. Your audience

 The most significant part of social media branding is knowing and understanding your audience closely. Creating a persona will allow you to approach your marketing plans with precision and personalization rather than a blind and generic approach, resulting in a fragmented rather than segmented audience. Moreover, If you want to truly and genuinely connect with your target audience, you need to put yourself in their shoes, and see their pain points, wants, and needs. Try to ask yourself the right questions to identify these points. For example, what age group does your audience belong to? How do they feel when they see my services?

 3. The word is everything

What you share on social media shapes your brand on the long and short terms, so it’s important to share the right content. You need to keep in mind that every piece of content you publish can make or break your social media marketing campaign. So, choose your words wisely and plan ahead before you step into the dark. Therefore, sharing relevant and authentic social media posts on any social media channel should be carefully planned and must be enhanced to relate to each channel audience. For example, what you publish on Twitter might not be appropriate for Instagram followers. Your content marketing strategy and branding go hand in hand with whatever you post. So, ask yourself: how does this contribute to the branding of my business? For instance, the power of video marketing on YouTube is something marketers should enhance and repurpose to suit YouTube viewers. Still, when you publish on, say, TikTok, the video quality and size should be different.  On TikTok, statistics show that you only have two seconds to grab a potential buyer’s attention; your best bet is to create compelling video content with a great hook. A video that stops users from scrolling past your video post. That’s the inevitable reality of social media growth if you want a sustainable outcome.

4. Know Thyself

 To be successful with branding on social media, you need to know your business. What are your core values and company culture? What makes up your brand identity, and how does it stand out? What feeling do you want to leave in your audience when they come across your content? What is it trying to achieve? What brand tone do you want to use to represent your brand when answering questions and interacting with your audience? Formal? Friendly? Who and how does he want to impress? The clearer you are about your brand identity, the easier it will be to craft the right key message. This will also help your audience recognize you easily on a busy scrolling day. So be persistent and thoughtful when planning your brand. Write every minor detail related to your business identity and stick to it.

5. Set, Engage, Go

One of the key elements of sharpening your brand is keeping in close touch with a loyal audience by creating engaging content in the hope of building a community around your business. One of the methods of creating a community of interest is to plan and publish regular content that invites your followers to engage in, for example, competition, testimonials in the comment, set VIPs badges, etc. Engagement on social media is key, and it tremendously contributes to building an attractive branding that is fun and social.

 In summary, building a brand on social media is not only about planning and posting consistent content; it’s all about telling your story that will leave the exact impression you wanted your specific audience to take away.

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